Why You Need Brand Photography

In a world gone visual, Brand Photography is one of the BEST investments you can make in your business, regardless of whether you’ve been in business for years, or an entrepreneur who’s just starting out. Read on…


Brand Photography simply refers to professionally taken, high quality images of you and your business. Ideally this will include headshots of you (and your team if you have one), images of your brick and mortar business or physical workspace, and action shots of you doing whatever it is that you do best. It’s totally okay to stage some of these photos and I actually recommend it. Doing brand photoshoots regularly is ideal, but do AT LEAST ONE so that you have great imagery for your website. What if you don’t have an office or brick and mortar business? Not an excuse! Brand Photography can be done just as easily outside or at a coffee shop. (The image above was taken at Better Buzz Coffee in Hillcrest, because it had more natural light than my office!)

Why is brand photography so important? Imagine you are shopping around online for a hair stylist. You come across two websites. Website #1 has lots of information about haircuts and colors, but the only photo on the website is a selfie on the About Me page that was clearly taken with an iPhone 4. Then you go to Website #2. The first thing you see is a large, professional image of a woman standing proudly in the lobby of her salon, dressed nicely, smiling at the camera. You click on the services page and there she is again, blow drying a client’s hair. You click around some more and you keep finding more beautiful images of her working on her clients or smiling at her front desk. Which stylist would you choose? I would go to the second one, even if she is more expensive. Why? 

Brand photography does an amazing job of painting a clear picture for your potential clients of what they can expect. It leaves nothing to the imagination, in a good way. If people see images of you, smiling and friendly, your workspace looking clean and relaxing, and a happy client receiving your goods or services, they can imagine exactly what it will be like when THEY purchase your offering. You don’t want to be the mystery business online. Brand photography also shows that you take your business seriously and have invested in it. Not to mention it can literally make or break a website or Instagram account.

If you have questions about Brand Photography, or if you’d like to book a photoshoot click here.
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Here are a few examples of some Brand Photoshoots we did this year…

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