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Why choose Gretchen Kamp Design

You need beautiful, functional graphic design. You've come to the right place. Thank you for your interest in working with me. Gretchen Kamp Design is an upscale, boutique graphic design firm specializing in brand identity, and providing graphic and web design services to business owners and marketing professionals. Our unparalleled communication, understanding of current design and marketing trends, and ability to execute in a timely manner ensures your business’s message will be communicated effectively. The end result? Increased traffic and higher sales.

In today’s marketplace, image is everything. How your business looks and feels to the outside world sets the tone for all of your interactions—with customers, partners, media and other key stakeholders. You cannot afford to present an unprofessional or inconsistent image in a competitive and crowded landscape.

I believe that the fundamental idea of branding is that everything a business does and produces should reflect the values and aims of the business as a whole. It is so much more than some colors, typefaces, and a logo. As a Brand Identity Specialist and experienced graphic designer, I am committed to communicating your message through design. It is, after all, my greatest passion.