Chrissy Gray Consulting

San Diego, California

Brand Identity

Gretchen Kamp Design has been amazing to work with. From business brochures and large scale signage to logos and small flyers, she has created countless marketing products for the various businesses I work with. Gretchen has a true eye for design and is always able to translate my ideas into a beautifully finished product.
— Chrissy Gray


Chrissy is a freelance small business consultant. Her primary focus is bookkeeping and financial-related services, specifically for small businesses. She also provides general operating services, such as business licensing/structure, business plans, and payroll for people looking to start or expand a small business.

"I would like a new logo that captures a professional yet fun feel. I want to stand out from the typical “square” bookkeeping business and appeal to a younger, creative audience."


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The Final Brand & Styling