Meet The Team


Name: Gretchen Kamp
Job Title: CEO & Creative Director
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
Make me a reservation at: Barbusa or Not Not Tacos
Pour me a glass of: Red wine
My job in 3 words: Hustle, Design, Repeat
My favorite project this year: I love each and every one of our clients, but this year I had a blast designing the brand identity for the Little Italy Food Hall. I also love doing the softer, more feminine brands for our beauty industry clients. 


Name: Max Pete
Job Title: Marketing Director & Senior Web Designer
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Make me a reservation at: Tajima or Sushi Deli
Pour me a glass of: Water on the weekdays, Whiskey on the weekends.
My job in 3 words: Challenging, rewarding, and exciting.
My favorite project this year: Putting together the office furniture! Haha, it'd have to be a recent website project we designed for a local SD tattoo artist Katherine Brannock and her brand Someday Mouse.


Name: Christian Villareal
Job Title: Photographer & Graphic Designer
Hometown: Lakewood, CA
Make me a reservation at (fav restaurant): Anywhere with a juicy burger and crispy fries.
Pour me a glass of: Cran-pineapple by Ocean Spray
My job in 3 words: Connectivity through creativity
My favorite project I’ve worked on at GK&Co. is: I can't get enough of brand identity and conceptualizing, but I enjoyed collaborating creatively with Savy and Sage for their brand photoshoot.


Name: Sarah Josephine
Job Title: Graphic Designer
Hometown: Menomonee Falls, WI
Make me a reservation at: Swami's Cafe
Pour me a glass of: Peach Bellini Iced Tea
My job in 3 words: Creative Coffee Enthusiast
My favorite project this year: Grain & Grit Collective brand development.


Name: Caleb Johansen
Job Title: Videographer
Hometown: Olathe, KS
Make me a reservation at: Q39 in Kansas City
Pour me a glass of: Old Fashioned with Bulleit Rye
My job in 3 words: Slayer of motion pictures
My favorite project this year: Recently I did a brand video for a furniture company in Portland, OR. With pre-production, we filmed everything in one day. Everything came together like clockwork and everybody was really happy with what we were able to accomplish. 


Name: Marissa Lachance
Job Title: Intern
Hometown: Encinitas, CA