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branding questionnaire

Your Name: Robin Ellam

Email Address:

Phone: (858) 354-2034

How did you hear about Gretchen Kamp & Co.?: Yelp

What is the name of your business or organization, as you would like it to appear in your logo?: Nojo Coffee & Tea

Current website or URL (if you have one):

Social media handles? (List them all) Have you claimed them yet?: nojocoffee

#Hashtags associated with your business:

What city and state is your business located in?: Rancho Santa Fe, CA

What year was your business established?: 2018

Tell me about your business. How would you describe your services and/or products? Please be thorough and assume I know nothing about your business or industry.: Nojo Coffee & Tea is a speciality coffee and tea stand/ mobile food facility permanently located next to The Vegetable Shop farmstead at Chino Farm in Rancho Santa Fe, opening in Spring 2019. We will serve high quality, organic coffees, Japanese teas, and pastries in a walk-up or drive-though layout, and emphasize the values of environmental sustainability, farmers, and the history of Chino Farm.

In one or two sentences, what are your short term and long term business goals?: My short term goal is to open the coffee stand by Spring 2019. The long term goal is to expand to a larger, and possibly multiple, locations in San Diego.

Do you have any competitors I should know about it?: Caffe Positano and Thyme in the Ranch are cafes serving coffee within 2 miles. Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Swell Coffee are within 4 miles.

What’s the age range and demographic of your target customer base? Describe your ideal customer or client in detail as if they were a real person.: Customers of The Vegetable Shop at Chino Farm are residents of Rancho Santa Fe, private chefs, upscale restauranteurs and chefs, and the occasional "foodie tourist" from San Diego, Los Angeles, Nevada, and Arizona. The age range of the paying customer is 38-60 years old, with the average amount spent on vegetables and fruit being about $40. The coffee stand will target these customers, as well as their teenage children, and drive-by traffic that doesn't normally shop at the farm stand. Our customers are on their way to work without time to make breakfast at home, valuing convenience and good quality coffee and food.

In 3 words, how do you wish to be perceived by your clients?: Special, independent, conscientious

What is your primary goal for your new brand identity?: To establish a sophisticated image that reflects the professionalism and attention to quality of the food and beverages we serve.

Do you currently have a logo? If yes, what do you like / dislike about your current logo?: No

Do you have any specific icons in mind for your logo?: Possibly a farmer's hat, but open to new ideas

Do you have any color preferences, or existing brand colors?: The stand will be located in front of a barn that is faded yellow wood. Earth tones to match the rustic, farm image.

Are there any colors that you do not wish to use?: Bold, primary colors

Are there any particular fonts that you would like us to include?: Clean, simple

Do you have any capitalization preferences?: Not sure.

What other logos / brands appeal to you, and why?: Coffee & Tea Collective in North Park- very clean and elegant

Do you have professional photos for your brand? Are you interested in brand photography?: Not sure

Are you interested in our web design services?: No, no plan for a website now.

Are there any influencers you are inspired by?: Jenny Niezgoda/ The Barefoot Bohemian, and the work you created for her La Gracia idea.

Anything else you want us to know?: I've worked at Chino Farm for 2.5 years, but recently quit my job as a researcher at UCSD to pursue this business idea. I'm relatively new to using social media to build a brand, so I'm investing in this package at this "clean slate" stage to start off on the right foot and learn how to market correctly.

Is it okay for me to share process images of your project on my social media?: Yes

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Feedback: Thank you, Gretchen! I keep looking at the logos and like different aspects of different ones more and more. I would like to keep working on combining certain aspects of each. 

Square or circular shape and size of #1 and #3 over the rectangular 2, 4.
Lettering of either #1 or #4: thinner, cleaner, slightly more feminine...but not too much. 
Slightly Japanese feel of the letters and graphics in #4, for the business connection to Japan.
#2 was also a favorite when I showed friends, maybe the different sizes of the letters.
Including a (simple) graphic with the lettering, since the word "Nojo" is not self-explanatory. Maybe a single leaf on the top right corner? 

Too much graphics in #3 and 6.
Geometric patterns in #1 and 5.
I think I also want to avoid using the coffee cup graphic, just because there are already quite a few coffee companies in San Diego with that in their logo.

I'm neutral on including EST. 2018. I like it to fill space if needed.

No rush to get back to me with the second round. I'm thinking the stand will open now in the Summer, so I have a little more time! Thank you!!

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