The Team


gretchen kamp
Ceo + creative director

Gretchen came to San Diego right after high school to earn her Bachelor's Degree in graphic design from SDSU. She worked as a designer at several companies, most recently San Diego Magazine, before leaving to start her own business in 2015. Her greatest passion is designing logos. 


justine tallariti
graphic designer

Justine got thrown into a graphic design role randomly while working as a waitress at a San Diego nightclub. She fell in love with design and picked up the skills quickly. 


max pete
director of marketing + web designer

Originally from Philly, Max came to San Diego ... Max is an Authorized Squarespace Trainer and Certified by Google AdWords. He currently teaches a digital marketing class at __.

Sarah Josephine
Graphic Designer


Christian villareal
photographer + Graphic designer

Christian served in the military. He is finishing up his degree in Digital Media Design at Platt College. On the weekend you can find Christian doing photography at music festivals.

Caleb Johansen