Would You Rather Have 100K Instagram Followers or $100K in Sales?


QUICK! Would you rather have 100k followers on Instagram or $100k in annual sales? That’s what I thought. 

Stop obsessing over your number of followers because PROFITS are more important than popularity. It’s easy to feel discouraged when there are so many accounts with so many more followers than you. Trust me, I get it. But here’s the thing. Profits and popularity don’t ALWAYS go hand in hand. 

I have communicated with people with over 100k followers who say they can’t afford my services. Just because someone has a huge following doesn’t necessarily mean it’s converting to sales or income.

Likewise, don’t assume that someone with a smaller following isn’t killing it in terms of profits. I have less than 3k followers but my business brought in six figures in sales in both 2016 and 2017. And guess what—many of those clients came from Instagram! I’m not telling you that to brag, but because I want to offer you some words of wisdom.

My advice is stop focusing so much on the numbers and focus on the PEOPLE who are engaging with your content. Those are your people. Those are the people you should put your energy towards because they are the most likely to become customers and eventually brand ambassadors. You know, the people who promote your brand without you asking or paying them to, because they truly love and believe in what you have to offer. When you see these people commenting on your posts, write them back. Start a conversation with them, or at the very least, say thank you.

Shift your focus to creating valuable content and the rest will fall into place. And to the 2800 of you who follow me, I LOVE YOU! You are MY PEOPLE. ❤️

x, gretchen


Hey girl! I’m Gretchen.

I'm a graphic designer turned branding specialist & business owner who lives in yoga pants and is fueled by pizza and red wine. I will use any excuse to travel and I LOVE teaching other female entrepreneurs everything I've learned about branding and digital marketing in the last four years of full-time self-employment. When I'm not in my design studio, you can find me cooking, sipping on red wine, listening to jazz, and spending quality time with family & friends.

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