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Episode 3 - Branding Specialist and Designer, Gretchen Kamp

Have you ever wondered what the first thing a new Business should look into doing? Gretchen Kamp has the answer for you!

Brand Specialist and Designer Gretchen Kamp talks about the importance of creating a successful logo, color palette, and just inspiration in general to have the best Brand Design for your company. Having worked for many successful companies all around San Diego, including: Barbusa, Little Italy Food Hall, Fluxx, Pacific Shore Capital and including our own brand Value Add with K&K.

In this episode, we'll talk about the importance of Branding and Design for your Business, the steps it takes to build a successful Design, and Social Media platforms that can help your Business.

If you're looking into branding for your business, look into Gretchen Kamp on instagram: @GretchenKampBlog, Pinterest: Gretchen Kamp or look up her website to view her full portfolio at



Hey there! I’m Gretchen.

I'm a graphic designer turned business owner & branding specialist who lives in yoga pants and is fueled by pizza and red wine. I am the soon-to-be wife of a handsome nerd, and a mom to a goofy snaggle-tooth rescue dog. I love traveling and teaching other female entrepreneurs everything I've learned about branding and digital marketing in the last three years of full-time self-employment. When I'm not in my design studio, you can find me at Cyclebar, or drinking wine with my girlfriends.

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