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Photo from Glow Skincare’s Instagram @GlowSkincareLA

Photo from Glow Skincare’s Instagram @GlowSkincareLA

Probably THE most inspiring and motivating thing that can happen to a brand designer is when someone takes a visual brand identity system that you designed for them, combine it with hard work, perseverance, intelligence, and instinct… and turn it into a TRUE BRAND. 

I can’t think of a better example of this than my best friend Kasey and what she has done with her brand, Glow Skincare. If you don’t follow her on Instagram yet, seriously go do it right now because her content is amazing. (She has over 11K followers if you don’t believe me.)

So here’s the story. I had just finished college at SDSU and I was working at my first graphic design job when Kasey called me to tell me she was opening her own spa and wanted me to design the logo. We were so young, like very early 20s, and I couldn’t believe she was going to be a real business owner, but I knew she could do it. 

We designed her logo & brand identity together over phone calls and emails because she lived in LA and I was in San Diego. It was very collaborative because she is somewhat picky and knew exactly what she wanted. I’m pretty sure it was the first logo I ever designed for a real business! To be honest I can’t believe what we came up with was so strong and timeless, because I still LOVE her logo today, many years later. In 2015 we did a semi-rebrand because some of the original elements had become outdated, but we kept the logo exactly the same.

Fast forward to October 2018. Glow Skincare is still a spa, and the spa is thriving more than ever. But it’s SO much more than that now, which is why I call it a TRUE BRAND. In addition to the spa, Glow is also a VERY popular influencer-style Instagram account, an online store, an Amazon store, and 1/2 of a new podcast called Beauty Biz BFFs. 

I’m so proud of you, Kasey! I love you, and thank you for letting me be part of your amazing journey since 7th grade. I can’t wait to see where Glow is in another 5 years and 10 years!

If you’d like to check out Glow for yourself, it’s located at 10628 Riverside Drive #2, Toluca Lake, CA 91602

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