Hey there, I’m Gretchen.

Most days you can find me in my design studio, working on logos (while eating a burrito in sweatpants) or riding a Bird scooter around San Diego, checking in with my clients. I am best known for the branding work I have done for local restaurants (such as Barbusa, Little Italy Food Hall) and beauty industry clients all over the U.S.

I love serving the world by helping entrepreneurs and business owners bring their visions to life through design, so that they can build profitable, intentional businesses. When I’m not on my computer, you can find me sipping a glass of red wine (or tequila, depending on the week) snuggled up on the couch with my extremely handsome but nerdy fiancé and our rescue dog, Lady, who is 62% chihuahua, according to a recent DNA test. My other favorite things in life are zoo animals, pizza, interior design, indoor cycling, my parents, and my girlfriends.

My best days are spent designing beautiful things for passionate people who are driven to create and build successful, authentic brands—rather than just businesses.