Rewarding Schools

A new client, Amber T. found me on Google and hired me to design a logo, color palette, and supplemental fonts for her start-up. Rewarding Schools is a rewards program that incentivizes families via a mobile app to 1) practice healthy habits that lead to success in school, and 2) engage in school programs and activities. I knew the challenge of the project would be to design something that balances a fun and corporate feel.

step one: mood board

After having clients fill out my official Gretchen Kamp Design Logo Questionnaire, my first step when designing any new brand identity is to put together a mood board. Pinterest is a great resource for this. I typically will create a private board and then invite my client to share as a collaborator, meaning they are also able to add images to the board. (Amber has great taste and found most of these awesome images that I ended up using!) Once we had a substantial amount of imagery, I put together the mood board, which will serve as a guideline for the brand. As a general rule of thumb, if something clashes with the mood board, it won't work well with the brand. 

Here is the mood board I designed for Rewarding Schools:

Mood Board for Rewarding Schools

Mood Board for Rewarding Schools

step two: logo concepts & refinement

We didn't have a specific direction in mind when we started this project, which made it a challenging one. In her questionnaire, Amber expressed wanting her logo to feel brilliant, cool, interesting, fun, and trustworthy. Amber and I both liked the idea of including some sort of imagery that denoted a reward or prize. A star ended up being the perfect solution for this. The other challenge of this project was to design something that feels appropriate for education, but also feels fun and makes kids and parents alike want to be involved in the program. 

Rewarding Schools Logo Concepts

step three: color palette

Since my Basic Logo Package does not include a full color palette, Amber chose to make it an add-on. (I am always happy to customize my branding packages or add items a-la-carte, like in this case.) Color is one of the most fun and important parts of designing brand identity. A logo can feel one way in one color palette, and totally different in another color. I love the balance of deep teal and bright yellow we chose for this logo. It has a Midcentury Modern feeling to it. 

Rewarding Schools Color Palettes

step four: supplemental typefaces (aka fonts)